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The Mission Of The Apostle Paul: The Beginnig Of Christianity In Macedonia

Abstract: The begginings of christianity in Macedonia was in the middle of I century. It’s dedicated with the Apostle Paul’s missionary. New Testament scripts announced that Paul was the first christian missionary who, in the 50’s of the first century, came to Macedonia, preaching. For three times he was in Macedonia converting in christianity large number of macedonian population. Lidia was the first woman in Macedonia that accepted christian belief. In the next period of time Paul’s mission had a big success into the every Macedonian cities where he was. Thanksfull his mission, christian municipies were madden in several macedonian cities: Philipi, Thessaloniki and Beroia.Those are, however, the first christian municipies in Europe, which, in short period of time, grew into the powerfull communities respectfull not only in Macedonia, but much more far.

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