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Црковната хиерархија на Охридската патријаршија во времето на Самоиловата држава

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       One of the least studied questions in church historiography is certainly the first stage of the Ohrid Patriarchate (Archdiocese). Without doubt, the reason is the scarcity of genuine testimonials. Therefore, precise answers to many questions related to the history of the Patriarchate at the time of Samuel's state are missing. Among them there is one that concerns the church hierarchy. 

       However, based on available historical sources we can conclude that the Ohrid Patriarchate at the time of Samuel's state counted three patriarchs: German named Gabriel, Philip and John. Finally, the comparative analysis of the sources questions the historicity of two other leaders: David and Nicholas The Miraculous. Sources where these church leaders are mention have full of other historical inaccuracies. Moreover, they are of later date. Those are the reasons that we categorize them as unreliable historical sources. 

       Above mentioned three persons of the highest ecclesiastical hierarchy of the Ohrid Patriarchate, sources attest to the names of two hierarchs of priestly rank. These are priests Andrew and Athanasius.

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