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Црковните состојби во Македонија во средината на 5. век низ призмата на монофизитскиот исток vs. никејскиот запад

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       This article examines the church situation in Macedonia in the mid V century in context of dogmatic debates characteristic for the early Middle Ages. Sources confirm that the bishops from Macedonia, without exception, continued to believe in the Nicene symbol of faith. This was the case with Monophysitism which was condemned by the bishop and clergy of the Vicariate from Thessalonika. This conclusion is based on available sources that testify about the participation of bishops from Macedonia in the "Robber Council" held in Ephesus in August of 449 and the Council of Chalcedon (451). Namely, at the "Robber Council" seven participants were from the province of Macedonia Prima, and, at the Council of Chalcedon (Fourth Ecumenical) at least nine bishops were from the provinces of Macedonia Prima and Macedonia Secunda.

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